Early start in november and shut down in march. It’s been a hell of a season with lots of new lines and great adventures. my plan to ski local turned out as the right decision.

A big storm in fall covered my home mountains with a good layer of snow. During season it has been almost dry and you had to search hard for the goods. But if you found the right place at the right time, it was unbelievable.

Also started my new film project together with Backland Media and Sam Strauss Photography

  • Schartenkamm 2601 m 26-11-2019
  • Ganot 3102m 02-12-2019
  • 3 days Schobergroup 3283m 05-01-2020
  • Larmkogel 3017m 14-01-2020
  • Ankogel / Hochalmspitze 3360m 21-01-2020
  • Roter Knopf 3281m 07-02-2020
  • Mörbetzspitze 2912m 08-02-2020
  • Glocknergold
  • Tauernsilber
  • Haunhold 2966m 08-03-2020
  • Teplitzerrinne 09-03-2020
  • Nussing 2911m 12-03-2020

Nussing 2911m 12-03-2020

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